Navia residential towers

Navia residential towers are being built on a land of 54,503 square meters by the Northwest Housing Investment Company as the most reliable residential building brand in the country. In general, this complex will be built in 20 blocks, 1440 units with varying heights of 9-12-15-18 floors.

Navia is the largest urban regeneration and creative project, focusing on the construction of safe and economic units in the less developed western part of Tabriz metropolis. This project is being carried out using the latest technical and operational methods.

This complex is planned in three phases with an infrastructure amounting to 289,314 square meters. A unique architectural design suitable for the residential pattern, executive studies and precise and scientific urban planning, development based on agriculture is being formed due to its location in the last breather of Tabriz’s Baghshahr.

The one Iranian, as a strategic consultant of Navia, has started its activity by premiumizing the project by defining unique uses and services in this collection. The first step after The one’s arrival was renaming the collection from Ayman to Navia.

One of the attractive points of Navia is the definition of its diverse and unique facilities and services. The main focus of these facilities is on the emerging generation or Generation Z. Navia will become a lovely ship that this generation and families will not want to get off. For example, cultural, sports, business school, shared work space…

audiovisual (Noor Ava)

The artistic event of Noor Ava, which was held to unveil the Navia logo on July 20, 1402, was greatly appreciated by the audience. In this event, which was held in one of the beautiful and historical houses of Tabriz (Sorkhei Boutique Hotel-Khane Damad Muzaffaruddin Shah), using the cultural elements of Tabriz, from the authentic music of Azerbaijan to the carpets and food, with the combination of digital art techniques, it will be remembered. It made a lasting and unique impression on the minds of the people of Tabriz.