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At first, there was no “Theone”. It was a thought, an idea, a hope, and an ambitious plan. A serious decision, a first step, painted the 7th Oct 2007 forever in our calendars. TheoneIraniyan started like this. With hope and enthusiasm. We put on steel shoes and walked the rocky and difficult path hoping for better days. We practiced and learned professional ethics, quality and precision every day and moved forward. In the middle of the way, we put a full-length mirror in front of us and carefully watched the companions who had joined the run all these years. Companions on the same footing, same path and most importantly, “same value”. Like mountain climbing groups, we grew up and down, crossed rainy and difficult paths, stopped in the middle of the road and took a breath, but we are still struggling and moving. Today, the Doan team is moving forward, stronger than ever, stronger and more determined than ever. The path continues, the hardships and efforts still continue, but so do new plans, more ambitious goals and more hopes. Today, TheoneIraniyan is the missing link in the construction industry; A circle that consists of professional members, up-to-date knowledge, teamwork, kindness, and constant training.


Our vision is to become an inseparable part of the country’s construction industry through the scientific implementation of development services in this industry with the aim of increasing the quality of construction in Iran and empowering customers. Our vision is to become the most prominent manufacturer, operator and strategic consultant of Iran’s construction industry in the commercial, residential and office sectors to raise investors’ capital with the best possible index and return it to them in the shortest possible time.


Our mission is the scientific implementation of development management services based on strategic thinking in the construction industry. We aim to provide creative, honest, professional, and unique services to clients who value honesty and transparency. Our clients are investors in the construction industry. What makes us different and unique is the integration of services, which has led to an increase in the speed of work and agility of the organization. We consider ourselves responsible for empowering customers, preventing waste of capital, and creating added value in the construction industry. Our customers will have the opportunity to “experience before they experience”. Our valuable asset is a professional, creative, self-motivated and committed workforce that considers itself a partner in the company’s success. TheoneIranian’s mission is to implement “development management” services in a correct and principled way in the construction industry for the first time in the construction industry.


  • Team activity, collective deliberation and decision-making, creativity, innovation, intelligence, agility, continuous updating of world-class knowledge, knowledge management by creating a learning organization and the ability to generate and analyze more scenarios.
  • Establishing an efficient interdisciplinary link, continuous synchronization of activities with developments in the field of e-commerce and new businesses
  • Complete transparency and honesty with all stakeholders
  • A happy organizational atmosphere, one-hearted, neat, and one voice in line with the development of individual and organizational goals
  • Providing effective solutions to guarantee product quality and optimize methods
  • Sensitivity to all stakeholder needs
  • Planned movement towards the organization’s social responsibilities (improving the country’s business environment, promoting entrepreneurial culture, etc.)
  • Intelligence in continuous monitoring of competitors, opportunities and organization’s performance
  • Non-dependence of executive processes and development plans on individuals and creation of immediate replacement potentials
  • Providing services in an admirable, surprising and beyond expectation manner

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The concept of development in our company, looking at the concept of sustainable development…

The services of development solutions to the separate provision of each service from the integrated services of “development management”.

Real estate has always been considered as one of the investment strategies.

What has caused the success of the Iranian runners is the result of the implementation of certain principles, the principles that form the foundation and structure of this organization. Creating a great culture, finding the right people, managing these people to do great things, and solving problems creatively and systematically are the challenges that organizations always face and how organizations approach these challenges based on Their principles cause their difference and functional distinction from each other. The reason for Dovan’s distinction and success today stems from our unique ways of doing things that lead to unique results. The success of the Theone family is due to the talented people who have implemented the principles of this family and this success will continue as long as they or other talented people continue the same path. Just like getting in physical shape, almost anyone can do it as long as they are willing to take the path.

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CEO of TheoneIranian Company

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