The millinium train is ready to go

Millinium is a name familiar to the people of Tehran. Even if you haven’t heard the name of this project, a huge skeleton made of steel beams and columns has definitely caught your attention when crossing Shahid Hemmat highway and its intersection with Sheikh Bahai Street. Millinium project, which is known as the largest residential and commercial tower and the first all-metal frame building in Iran, is back on track after many years. The third millinium or Millinium project is one of the tallest towers in Tehran, the construction of which started in 2001, but unfortunately, due to many issues and problems, this project has not been completed yet.

Now, after more than 17 years of the initial studies of this project, The One Iranian Company, as a consultant, has started its cooperation with the work of this huge project in special studies of engineering opportunities and values.

By relying on international experiences, taking advantage of group experiences, collective wisdom and expert knowledge, The One Iraniyan Company has prepared and presented implementation methods related to opportunity studies in Iran’s construction industry. Market research services and opportunity studies related to this project are also included in the agenda of The One Iranian, along with compliance with construction standards and frameworks, modern global management, consideration of the current economic conditions, and reflection of the employer’s preferences.