The visit of reputable brands to Urmia Citadium project

On Tuesday, March 21, a number of reputable brands in the fields of clothing, bags and shoes, decoration and home accessories, restaurants and food services visited Urmia Citadium project. This visit was done in order to get familiar with the project and the possibility and conditions of presence in this complex, so that the presence of reputable brands in Urmia Citadium can be provided.
Citadium chain mall project is currently setting up 10 branches all over Iran. Citadium is based on the family and tries to provide a family environment so that all family members can experience the joy of shopping with happy moments together. With its modern and minimal style, Citadium has been able to accommodate all the wishes and needs of people of any age, so that it can be a symbol to emphasize the concept of family by being present in different cities of Iran. The presence of domestic and foreign reputable brands as well as the presence of Hyperstar as the main anchor in the first phase of the project can be considered one of the most important strengths and weaknesses of this collection. The visit of reputable brands to this project allows the audience to get acquainted with the features of this project and its competitive advantages.