Pars Tower opportunity studies

Pars project with a land area of ​​5,295 square meters is located at the beginning of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Street with convenient access to Shariati Street. In terms of the administrative divisions of Tehran, this project is located in district 4 and is located near district 7. The credibility of the builder and employer, proximity to the Seyed Khandan public transport traffic core, favorable construction permits, proper access to the main arteries of the city, and proper access to amenities and urban facilities are among the positive points of this project.

According to the conditions of the project, such as the location of the land in the s area of ​​the detailed plan, having a strong architectural and design team, and according to the following contents, after reviewing and receiving feedback, it presented development scenarios.

  • Field research of 140 administrative cases in Tehran
  • a study on focus groups
  • Investigating luxury projects and getting feedback from informants and some owners
  • Investigating the formation process of office towers in the countries of the region
  • Applying the expert opinion of The one Iranian company experts
  • The state of growth of office towers in Tehran and big cities and predicting the future trend

The proposals of The one Iranian company were prepared in the form of 4 scenarios and presented to the project owner. The final scenario proposed by The one Iranian Company was delivered to the client with the design of two groups of architects and urban planners. The introduction of the Greek architecture and urban planning group YAP to the client for the final scenario design made the final design of the project to be of the highest international standards for the design of office-commercial towers.