Noor Ava creative and artistic event was held to introduce Navia residential project in Tabriz

The One Iranian company used event marketing in a creative move to introduce the Navia residential project. Event marketing is an attractive way to introduce projects that optimizes costs and creates a wonderful event.

The One Company, which is the exclusive marketing and development consultant of Navia, designed and implemented a musical art event for this project, which is located in the northwest of Iran in the city of Tabriz.

Considering the historical and cultural nature of the city of Tabriz and the artistic vision of our beloved employer, Navia and Noor Ava events were held in a historic house called Sorkhai Mansion located in Sorkhab neighborhood of Tabriz on July 20, 1402. The One, who used tradition and modernity in the design and implementation of this event, considers this combination as the winning combination.

In addition, the respected employer of the Navia project has an original and rooted, yet modern and innovative view of the Navia residential project. According to Navia’s employer Mr. Engineer Shokri: Navia is not supposed to be a housing, Navia is a house. Find peace wherever you can.

Navia’s slogan is also indicative of the same issue. Navia was unveiled in this event with the slogan of a Mawa. at the end of the artistic and musical performance, the audience heard the logo, slogan and story of the Navia brand in a peaceful and enjoyable night.

Professor Mehboob Khalili, Professor Ali Davoudi and Ms. Golnare Asdava performed in this evening. Ashiq music and Azari folklore and modern Azari music beautifully presented the beauty of Turkish melodies and sounds for the guests of Tabriz.

During the music performances, the lighting and images that were projected on the building of the Red Mansion and in three directions of the building doubled the beauty. The combination of music and lights made Navia dance beautifully with the light and shine on the stage before the eyes of viewers and listeners.

In this event, the guests of which were the influential people of Tabriz, a residential project was launched in a completely different way. The people who were present at the ceremony could be seen smiling with satisfaction. This was proof of the success of Noorava event.

The guests were surprised that a residential project has entered the field in such a strong way, and it was the first time they saw such a program in the field of advertising.

In addition, in this ceremony, professors of poetry and literature spoke beautiful words and welcomed the honored guests with their beautiful words in the city of Tabriz. In addition to the reception with music, light and words, a business reception was held in honor of the dear guests.

Navia project plans to create different spaces in Tabriz city with a new approach. Navia is supposed to be Maman and Mavai who will be the first to access the best functionality in the city. In this beautiful event, where the cool breeze of Tabriz at night and the lights went hand in hand, Navia buyers encountered this project in a beautiful way for the first time.

This project is the first of its kind in the country and it plans to continue its activities in creative spaces. Team Think Tank completed the event beautifully. Navia will continue its activity with interesting news. For more information about the Navia project, you can call 09123967777.