Our vision is to become an inseparable part of the country’s construction industry through the scientific implementation of development services to increase the quality of the construction industry in Iran and empower customers. Our vision is to become the most prominent manufacturer, operator and strategic consultant of Iran’s construction industry in commercial, residential and office sectors to improve investors’ capital with the best possible index.


Our mission is the scientific implementation of development management services based on strategic thinking in the construction industry. We aim to provide creative, honest, professional, and unique services to clients who value honesty and transparency. Our clients are investors in the construction industry. We consider ourselves responsible for empowering customers, preventing waste of capital, and creating added value in the construction industry.


Creating a fresh organizational atmosphere, with one heart and one voice by relying on the fundamental principles of the brand, promoting all activities based on continuous updating of knowledge, valuing the role and importance of experience by relying on collective decision-making, creating differentiation by relying on creativity and Innovation and creating a long-term relationship with the audience through transparency and honesty; The main values ​​of Dovan company are Iranians.