A conversation with engineer Bashir Anisi on Shab Aftabdi radio program

On the occasion of 29th of Bahman Entrepreneurship Day and the start of Entrepreneurship Week, Bashir Anisi was a guest of Shab Aftabdi radio program on Economy Radio. This program, which specializes in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment, invites university professors, top experts and successful entrepreneurs every night to introduce various aspects of the field of entrepreneurship to its audience through real narratives.

Shab Aftabdi radio program dated 29th of Bahman was held with the presence of Mr. Engineer Bashir Anisi and Mr. Dr. Maitham Yazdi (business coach) and the guests of this program expressed their narratives and experiences from their entrepreneurial careers around the theme of “Championship Journey”. . Mr. Anisi talked about the characteristics of entrepreneurs and the issue of resilience in the heroic journey. One of these issues, which is rooted in the old Iranian market culture, is the concept of gradual and step-by-step training while being in the workplace, which is known as “apprenticeship” in Iranian culture, and “apprenticeship” in the new entrepreneurship literature. to be Mr. Anisi considers the journey of heroism to be a journey of choice in which skills are acquired, a journey in which education and experience coincide and the element of “need” makes it the only journey and path ahead of a person. They consider the “championship spirit” as a distinct concept from trying to acquire skills on the path to becoming a champion, and they examined the different aspects of this concept.

Engineer Bashir Anisi, who was chosen as the top entrepreneur due to the definition of distinctive services in the construction industry, has been working in this field for many years in various positions, and one of his most important missions is to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and facilitate the official infrastructure of this field. They know in the country. He is the vice-president of the National Top Entrepreneurs Association and the head of the Tehran Province Top Entrepreneurs Association.

You can listen to this conversation through the following link:

Engineer Bashir Anisi’s conversation on the Safar Garhamani radio program