Rozet Residential Towers

In 2015, The One Iranian was chosen as the exclusive marketing and sales consultant for Roset residential towers by the project’s client, Naitaet Mihan Industrial Group.

Rozet Residential Towers is being built on a 10,732 square meter plot of land in District 5 of Tehran and designed by Farzad Deliri, an expert Iranian architect. In today’s heavy traffic conditions in Tehran, the proximity to Hemat, Bakri, Hakim, and Niayesh highways and access to public transportation such as the subway have caused the location of Rozet to be considered one of the best and most desirable locations in the west of Tehran in terms of accessibility. . This issue can be considered a very important role in creating and maintaining a suitable mental image in the minds of buyers.

After conducting detailed and comprehensive initial studies, the process of designing marketing campaigns began. For this purpose, the definition of a new identity for the building and project value engineering measures were started. In this way, the buyers of the project can get more amenities. Also, in the end, Rozet will become a lovely home for its contacts. The definition of facilities such as supermarket and bakery, sports club, well-equipped lobby, improvement of elevators, kindergarten and conference hall, and the design of the green roof of the project as a place for family gatherings have been among the actions in line with the value engineering of the Rozet project.

The One activities :

Name change, logo design, catalog and website design suitable for the project with the use of a professional design team, content production of advertising tools, design and construction of a unique information and sales office in accordance with the position of the Rozet Tower, including the activities of the The One marketing team. It was aimed at introducing the new identity of the project and improving and improving its image in the minds of the audience.

The One Iranian has always been a pioneer in designing and implementing new ideas among her peers. Therefore, in order to make the conditions of the project and its exceptional features concrete, in the Rozet project, using the most attractive visual display tools such as mockups and animations, it has created a real image for its customers.

One of the most important actions in the Rozet project is the correct identification and identification of the target market of this project, which has played a very influential role in the definition and design of effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

After studying different pricing models and analyzing the project situation, The One Iranian was able to use smart strategies during the sale of the project, optimal pricing according to the time of sale, determining flexible payment conditions and drafting a perfect sales contract within the specified time. fulfill his promise to the employer and advance the sales process according to the planned plans.

The market segmentation and positioning of the Rozet project was done professionally and by using the latest knowledge in the world in such a way that respected and well-known people such as Mr. Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Hamidreza Pegah and Mehdi Rahmati have purchased the residential units of this complex. Due to its special facilities and special conditions, Rozet is considered a very important project for Iranian runners. The One’s cooperation with the industrial group of the country’s nature led to positive and productive results that led to the creation of many joint projects.

Among the other very important activities in the Rozet project is to get feedback from the forms of visitors and buyers in order to improve all the integrated activities of The One’s marketing and sales engineering, as well as setting specialized legal clauses in the title of contracts.

After completing the Rozet sales and marketing engineering brokerage contract, The One will now have the honor of cooperating with buyers as the employer’s representative in resale until the delivery and deployment of the unit operation team.

about Rozet:

Rozet Residential Towers is under construction on a land of 10,732 square meters with an infrastructure of 65,212.2 square meters in District 5, Shahr Zeba neighborhood. Rozet is a residential complex with 364 units, which has 13 floors from ground level, one pilot floor and 5 basement floors. Rozet is considered the largest construction project in the 5th district of Tehran, and its very convenient access is one of the important features of this project. The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Farzad Deliri’s engineer group, along with complete and suitable facilities and services, has turned Rozet into a luxurious and unique complex.

The unique features of this project include the following:
– 405 parking spaces for residents
– Two separate sets of swimming pools and saunas
– Two separate gyms for men and women
– Health road
– Family cinema
– conference hall
– 10 units of business-welfare-service units with a total area of ​​1035 square meters
– Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts
– Roof garden space

Other project information:
– Wide and suitable building common space with a size of 28245 square meters
– Easy access through Hemet, Hakim and Bakri highways
– Proximity to metro station line 6
– Lack of nobility of units to each other
– All units are light-absorbing
– Suitable and comfortable cooling and heating system
– Large and beautiful green space


تهران، شهرزیبا، میدان الغدیر، جنب کلینیک مهر

Owner and investor:

The owner of the Rozet residential project is the Mahan Construction Company, a subsidiary of the Haibat Mihan Industrial Group.

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