Navia residential project will tell its story in an interesting event!

The One Iranian company, with a new method, designs and implements an extraordinary event for the Navia residential project in Tabriz, where it unveils the fascinating story of this project. This event will be performed in two audio and visual sections.

As the exclusive marketing consultant and developer of Navia, The One has chosen event marketing for this project, bypassing conventional and expensive advertising methods. Event marketing is a method in which costs are optimized and advertisements reach their audience in the real sense. We designed and carried out the course of this event step by step according to the special and artistic cultural view of the client.

We put the initial idea of ​​this event as Digital Art. The path that led us to the event was through dividing this idea into different parts. In this event, with modern art that is popular in the world, we broadcast images for the Navia scenario at the project launch site. Digital art images are 3D and have a special appeal. In the next stage, considering that we had a look at the original art and music and Azeri folklore, we divided the event into two parts, Visual and Audio. as a result, now the Navia event has both image and sound together with a creative combination. This event is supposed to lead the audience to the story of Navia with the art of the image. Navia has a special story that will be narrated and by choosing a combined style of sound and image, it will be engraved in the minds of its audience with different senses.

During this event, the Navia project visits its residents and attracts their attention in an artistic space. This art event indirectly invites the audience to the Navia residential project and they will eventually own a house in Navia.

Let’s imagine the Navia event together; imagine the atmosphere where you wake up in an old house. The light shines from the porch into the room and caresses your face. It feels good and the tall walls and tall windows with colored glass complete this beautiful feeling further. You are invited to breakfast, and now your palate is pampered by the delicious and elaborate breakfast flavors, and after a good night’s sleep, you are ready for an exciting day. You know that you are a guest of this special event and Navia has called you with a cultural and artistic event.

Now you are going to listen to pleasant sounds. More beautiful than listening to Azari folklore music performances in Tabriz for Azari speakers; What could be more beautiful than that this music and singer is going to be sung for you in this old house. Give heart to the sounds and sounds and be transformed by the Azari language. In the heart of the city of Tabriz, in the old neighborhood of Sorkhab, there is a house that shines like a diamond. This event adds life to the lives of its audience because it benefits from the art of folk music and will always caress the minds of its audience with pleasant tunes.

In the next episode, we will perform the music of Ashiq. Aşıq (Aşıq or Aşıq) in Azerbaijani Turkish Aşıq, in Istanbul Turkish Âşık means mystic and itinerant songwriter who plays instruments and sings. Before the introduction of the word “Aashiq”, this class was known by the Turkish word “Ozan”. Ashiqs are often skilled in improvisation and sometimes compose their own poetry and songs. Master and lover Mehboob Khalili with her professional group and artist, turn the event of Navia into unique moments with their instruments and voice. In this episode, folkloric songs are performed with Ashiq’s music. Ashiq’s music creates a special harmony in that historical atmosphere with Qupuz instrument.

In the next part, we will have a modern performance from a group in Turkish. Mr. Ali Davoudi as a singer and his wife Mrs. Gulnare Asdava as a capable piano player will perform in this section.

After talking about the attractive part of the music, we come to the visual part; The visual department will display beautiful images on the spaces of this old house during the entire Navia event. These images follow a story that will eventually surprise the audience and is taken from the story of Navia. Navia’s story will be unveiled after the music and visuals. These lights will create an attractive atmosphere at night with the combination of music.

Navia loves authentic art and culture and at the same time welcomes modern spaces. Because it is a modern project and, of course, it pays special respect to traditional spaces. She doesn`t consider modern art to be separate from traditional art and sees it in continuation and in connection with traditional space.

Navia project is organizing a unique event in Tabriz using digital art. This event, by combining visual art and music, takes the audience to a magical and creative world. The main goal of the Navia project is to promote art and culture in society. With its innovative ideas and exceptional designs, this team has managed to attract many opinions. The combination of technology, music and digital art has created a unique artistic event.

The most important part of this event and the purpose of this event is to reveal the story of the Navia residential project to the participants. Navia’s story is like a magical story that takes the audience in the imaginary and unforgettable world of art.

This event is being held for the first time in Iran and in East Azarbaijan and can be considered as a model for new events. The pattern is very thought-provoking because of how the project started from the beginning according to the idea of ​​digital art and what paths it went through and where it reached.

This event will be a great opportunity to showcase local artistic talent, present visual art and improve art culture in the community. Navia Project hopes to continue promoting art and creating attractive and creative events in Tabriz city by continuing its artistic activities and be the initiator and builder of a path that has a bright future.

Navia project is one of the residential works of The One company in Tabriz city, which was defined by special features from the client’s side. By welcoming the differences and intellectual approach of the employer, this event took on an artistic atmosphere. Navia means ship and its story begins from where its inhabitants are supposed to experience peace and security, apart from the outside world. a project that has a modern and creative approach.
Navia project will meet the needs of housing in Tabriz as a multifunctional complex, including residential towers and administrative, commercial, service, cultural, educational and medical buildings. Navia residential project is located on a land area of ​​54503 square meters in 20 blocks in Tabriz and is under construction. The main goal of the Navia residential project is the urban regeneration of the old neighborhoods of Tabriz city with a “work and life” approach. This project aims to create a new concept regarding living in towers or residential complexes in which shared social life plays a vital and main role. another feature of this project is the use of experienced forces and the use of new methods and methods to advance the project. For more information about the Navia project, call 09123967777.