The eastern shore of Tehran’s Great Lake shined.

A large number of construction leaders and engineers gathered in the name of the country on the eastern shore of Tehran’s Big Lake on Saturday 01/03/1994. This gathering was held in honor of the introduction of the most luxurious zone called Lexon and the opening of the sales office of this unique project.

In this ceremony, Iran’s first Home Office project and its unique features were introduced to the intellectuals of this field. In this ceremony, Iran’s first Home Office project and its unique features were introduced to the intellectuals of this field.
Lexon commercial office project is based on the approach of providing special hotel services in Iran. This project is located on the eastern shore of Tehran’s Big Lake and in the 18-hectare area of ​​Bagh Aramesh.

Holding VIP pre lunch event of Lexon project

The VIP pre-launch ceremony of Lexon luxury commercial office project was held with the presence of artists known as the country on 02/01/94 at Parsian Azadi Hotel. This ceremony was held to familiarize the audience with the concept of this project and its conditions. Renowned artists such as Anahita Nemati, Mehrawah Sharifinia, Malika Sharifinia, Kamand Amir Soleimani, Niki Mozafari, Majid Mozafari, Daniyal Ebadi, Mehrawah Sharifinia, Abdullah Eskandari, Farhad Aslani, Ali Reza Ghorbani, Hamid Reza Pegah, Alireza Khamsa, Saeed Rad , Hamid Reza Pegah, Amin Zangdhani, Saman Moghadam, Mohammad Reza Golzar, Amir Hossein Rostami, Shahab Abbasi, Korosh Javan and other artists were present in this ceremony.

She became the founder of Hafez Lexoni.

Mr. Ali Moalem, the founder of the Hafez Festival, the best celebration of artists, which is held every year in Iran and has many fans, continued to attend the first presentation ceremony of the Lexon Vip Pre Lunch project in the company of artists who participated last year in the hotel Evin was held, many expressed their desire to learn more about this unique project. In this regard, he visited the Lexon project at the beginning of May this year, being very busy.

Among the things that he expressed about Lexon Tower is the showiness of this luxurious project in the absence of service-oriented buildings. He expressed that artists and those involved in the art field have been facing many problems for years due to the lack of space and services suitable for their work and activities. Maybe some problems have happened to them while doing the work. Ali Moalem added: “Now, a project like the Lexon project has taken an important step in this field by providing the possibility of living in the work space and creating a common chapter.”

His joining with the buyers of the Luxon luxury tower was an important achievement of this visit

To get other information about the project, you can refer to the main website of the project.