The renderings of Vitos residential towers tell the story of the residents!

The architecture group is still designing the renderings of Vitus residential towers. The One, who is the marketing and development consultant of Vitus project in Nowshahr, has chosen The One Architecture Group, a professional group for this department.

In the world of architecture and building design, there are many architectural groups that design renderings in various projects. One of the most professional groups is the “Hanuz” architectural group, which is responsible for designing the renderings of the Vitus project. The beautiful and realistic renderings of this project allow the audience to fully familiarize themselves with the idea and design and gain the real experience.

With the aim of branding and modeling the Vitus project, The One Company first narrated the stories of Vitus residents and through these stories and delivering them to the architectural group, finally reached the renderings of Vitos. The architecture group is still designing renderings with detailed details and high quality according to these stories and scenarios. These renderings are supposed to be able to depict the real mood, the charm of Vitus and the lifestyle of its residents.

One of the important factors in advertising and introducing architectural projects is beautiful and realistic renderings and images. Renderings make it possible for architectural ideas and designs to be in front of the eyes in a real and tangible way and give customers and audiences a real experience. The architecture group has still managed to show the idea and quality of this project in a very clear and understandable way by designing and delivering the renderings of Vitus project.

Looking at the renderings of Project Vitus, it seems that we have the idea and design in real life. These renderings depict the spaces and units of the Vitus Tower with detailed details and vivid colors. From the view of the sea and the forest to the interior and exterior spaces of the tower, all are designed with care and art. For this reason, seeing the renderings of Vitus project, we feel as if we are there and see the lifestyle of those families in a clear way.

In these renderings, the units have been examined from several points of view:

  • The view of the unit and its direction (north, south…)
  • units’ height
  • Typology
  • Small or large units
  • Access
  • Having or not having a terrace
  • Having a jacuzzi or not
  • being duplex

These renderings provide a realistic and tangible image and are fully connected to the five human senses. The color of life can be seen from them and the aroma of food can be heard from a unit. The smell of coffee can be smelled from the lobby and bakery cafe, and the story of everything that is going to happen in Vitus Tower is narrated here.

In this rendering, we can see the book that is being read by the mother of the house. The family child’s toy that fell on the ground can be seen. Equipment related to sports, music and people’s interests are completely depicted in these spaces. A woman who is a yogi and her mat is wide on the floor and has a house with a boho style; A gentleman who is interested in collecting and has a collection of beautiful knives and has added beauty to the wall of his house; Each and every one shows the details and stories of Vitus families.

Vitus Tower is one of the big and attractive projects in the north of Iran and Nowshahr. This tower, with its special features and services, has been able to turn itself into a unique and attractive project. One of the unique features of Vitus Tower is its exceptional location. Vitus Tower is facing the sea and the forest, and it allows residents to enjoy the beautiful scenery around Vitus and touch life in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

The facilities and services provided in Vitus Tower are very diverse and complete. From amenities and services to public spaces and spectacular views, everything shines in Vitus Tower. Therefore, this project has been able to attract a lot of attention and admiration by using its unique services. For more information about the Vitus project, visit this link or call 021-96667296.